To gush or not to gush

Detail from Body Shop International Quilt
Detail from Body Shop International Quilt


I was struck on re-reading my most recent post by how fond I am of adjectives like ‘gorgeous’ and ‘wonderful’.  People who know me outside cyberspace will know that I am not normally a gushy person.   So I fell to thinking about why I am quite so fulsome in my praise.  The first reason is that it’s accurate.  If you pick up a piece of the Linen Shop’s Scandinavian stripe linen you will never be all that happy with an inferior linen ever again.  The second reason, though, is because I want this blog to celebrate beautiful textiles and to be a place where textile fanciers can get together to indulge themselves.  If you are a fabric-type like me then there is a real excitement about handling fabric like Margo Selby’s luscious silks, or Georgina von Etzdorf’s glorious printed velvet.  When I walked into Margo Selby’s shop and found bags of bits on sale that meant that I could own a large selection of them without bankrupting myself I really did have a rush of adrenaline that other people get jumping off cliffs attached to rubber bands.  Well, maybe not quite as much, but you get the point.  I feel the same way about beads, hence the picture at the top of this post which has fabric (silk) and beads.  So, when my new colleague, Nick, sent me a jiffy bag of glorious glass beads with metal foils in them, it cemented our friendship.  I literally gasped as they fell out onto my lap.

So, for those of us who buy fabric and then can’t bear to cut into it but get it out to stroke periodically and then put it away again, or who regularly spread out their bead collection and pick them up to feel their coolness in the hand, I shall continue to indulge in words like ‘gorgeous’, ‘luscious’, ‘sumptuous’, ‘lustrous’ and ‘glorious’.  As Jane Austen said, let other pens dwell on misery and guilt.  Let’s enjoy some beauty on a Friday afternoon.

One thought on “To gush or not to gush

  1. Gush, definitely gush. Who wants to waste their time on a serviceable piece of calico or a perfectly adequate scrap of polyester when there is a world full of exquisite silks and sumptuous satins?

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