What I did last Saturday

My green pepper collage, 2011
My green pepper collage, 2011

On Saturday I went with my intrepid friend, Mike, to a collage workshop run by Anne Carpenter in Bristol.  We had a great time.  Anne Carpenter has been making collage for a considerable time and has great expertise.  She was very encouraging of our efforts and we both went home feeling pleased with our work.  Mike was more ambitious than me and chose to do a full-blown still life:

Mike's still life collage
Mike's still life collage

I loved this.  It was so full of life and gave a real feel of what it’s like to have a vase of spring flowers in front of you.  I also loved the ever-so-slightly sinister snaking dark green leaves on the right, which lift it out of just being a pretty picture of a vase of flowers.

My own attempt was interesting from a process point of view.  I kept on thinking what a great base it was for some serious stitching, but, of course, the whole point was to produce collage.  So, I was very frustrated for most of the morning.  Then I decided to go a bit free-form and to stop trying to do those particular peppers and just do peppers and I got on much better.  The layering really helped.  Then a few random threads over the top because I like a mess and then some tiny scraps of white fabric to represent salt and I was off.

Green pepper collage (detail)
Green pepper collage (detail)

I added the salt because I wanted to make them into pimentos de padron (or similar) which is one of my husband’s very favourite things to eat in Spain, despite the fact that every so often there is an innocent-looking one which blows your head off.  The Spanish ones are very short and smaller than the ones here, but it’s the thought that counts.  I think I like the fabric version enough to have it framed.

The postscript to this lovely day was that we went for a quick drink after the workshop to a trendy bar in a trendy bit of Bristol, where we were politely (well, not that politely) but firmly frozen out for being over 25.  Still, at least we weren’t invisible for once…

2 thoughts on “What I did last Saturday

  1. It WAS the greatest fun. And I am putting the memories of our day into my top drawer of recollections…………..

  2. Sounds like a special day. Your peppers are gorgeous.. the mix of layers and threads is harmonious and spontaneous all at the same time. You should definitely frame it.

    Love the positive spin on not being ‘invisible’ in the trendy bar. Trends come and go.. they won’t last long with that attitude.

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