Fabric-o-holics of the world unite

Margo Selby zip-up purse
Margo Selby zip-up purse

Short post today, but if you have been following my blog for a bit, you will know that I love textiles and that I love things that are really sumptuous.  I love it when other people do minimalism: I admire it, understand it, get it, wish I could do it sometimes, but I am about colour, texture, and sumptuousness.  I love beads and sequins.  I love braid.  I really believe that most people stop too soon with their embellishments.  Anyway, if you love gorgeous textiles, you have to love Margo Selby’s exquisite jacquard weave silks.  So, I was beyond stoked as the young people used to say, to receive this wonderful little zip-up make-up bag from my work colleague, Patricia.  The piece in itself is gorgeous, but made even better by the fact that Patricia went and bought it for my birthday, knowing how much I love textiles.

Margo Selby purse, other side.
Margo Selby purse, other side.

What I admire about Margo Selby’s work is her rather sober but rich colour palette.  It has a touch of the Hapsburg Court about it.  And the way she plays with scale with very simple shapes, such as the circle shown here.  I am very keen to work with the scrap bag I bought at her shop recently.  I admire her skill and precision, but also the unashamed luxury of her work.  So, Patricia couldn’t have got the present more right really.

Margo Selby Fabrics
Margo Selby Fabrics

Margo Selby’s website is: http://www.margoselby.com.

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