Destination Copenhagen

Sara-Louise and Alf's embroidered landscape, April 2011
Sara-Louise and Alf's embroidered landscape, April 2011

My beloved friend Alf married his soulmate, Sara-Louise in Copenhagen on Saturday.  There is very little that I could possibly give Alf which would in any way reciprocate everything that he has done for me over the years, and, although he has never expressed the slightest desire to have any of my work, I thought that a small landscape piece might make a nice gift.   It’s made entirely from silk, started off on my embellisher (yet another broken needle) and then finished on the Bernina which seems to be working perfectly again.

I put it in an oak box frame that I bought at John Lewis.  Getting ready-made  box frames is becoming very difficult.  The choice was really limited and Habitat seems to have given up selling them altogether.  I’ll let you know how it was received!

The framed embroidery
The framed embroidery

3 thoughts on “Destination Copenhagen

  1. It is a thing of utter brilliance, and obviously has a pride of place in our Copenhagen apartment. We utterly love it, and it is on the shortlist “things to save first if there’s a fire”. Just after “wife and child”, but still.

    1. I was asked about this only last night, so thanks for warm endorsement. I like to give things which have been specially made rather than I’ll just see what’s in the cupboard that will do. Every stitch put in with love.

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