So, farewell, then, ‘The Tudors’

Katharine of Aragon from 'The Tudors'
Katharine of Aragon from 'The Tudors'


Well, that’s it, my secret guilty pleasure viewing of the ‘The Tudors’  has come to an end.  The final episode was shown over the weekend.  As it ground on it got dafter and dafter, and Henry VIII got Irisher and Irisher, but, the costumes became no less sumptuous.  Every week I put up with harrumphs from the historian husband, until I started to watch it when he had retired for the night, because, although the whole thing collapsed under the weight of its own ludicrousness, the costumes were just exquisite:

Anne Boleyn, 'The Tudors'
Anne Boleyn, 'The Tudors'


I absolutely loved them, but I think the headdresses were particularly fine and an interesting re-imagining of what the French hood might have looked like.  I loved the men’s costumes as much as the women’s, although the frocks were the real stars of the show:

Anne of Cleeves, 'The Tudors'
Anne of Cleeves, 'The Tudors'


If only by me, the show will be very sorely missed.

One thought on “So, farewell, then, ‘The Tudors’

  1. I can see why you liked it! The fabrics are sumptuous and the dresses fantastic!
    I am just reading something about SAINTS, one of those little great books edited by National Gallery about ‘reading pictures of saints’… which made me think of your post.
    We really need to fix a date for the Cult of Beauty, I started listening to the App and it is wonderful, also because we need to include a little walk by Chelsea.
    It made me think about peacocks, feathers, sunflowers and sumptuous fabrics… all what you like !

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