And all shall be well

The Bernina 1020
The Bernina 1020

I posted a couple of weeks ago about how my beloved Bernina has ceased to function after a mere twenty years of ceaseless battering.  Well, eventually I got round to phoning the sewing machine repair man recommended by my most excellent quilting friend, Alison.  He was out, of course, mending sewing machines, but good as his word he phoned back after 8.30.  He is a busy man.  It turns out that he can’t fit me in until 10 May.  Could I manage until then?  It’s a bit like being asked if your need to see a doctor is an emergency.  Not really, but it seems very important at the time.  Anyway, we had a chat to diagnose the problem which may well be a tiny broken screw.  He might be able to fix it at home or it might have to go into the shop.  The whole conversation was like taking the dog to the vets.  Please be gentle with it; please be kind to it; you don’t realise how much it means to me; please don’t hurt it.  He was far more reassuring than any vet I have encountered, though.  He’s seen thousands of Berninas over the years, and never lost one.  Never lost one.  How could I resist a man with that attitude?  And, he uttered the immortal words, ‘Really good machines, the 1020s,’ which I translate as, ‘You are clearly a woman of great insight and wisdom and, like buying thoroughbred horses, you know quality when you see it.’  So, I came away with a rosy glow, and vastly relieved that my Bernina will pull through.

The photo at the top, by the way, is not, alas, my workroom, but a picture taken from another blog ( in which the lucky finder of a very cheap secondhand 1020 celebrates her good fortune and approaches the machine with the sort of reverence I admire!

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