Organizational Aesthetics – new on-line open source journal


Journal logo
Journal logo
I expect that this is a post which will not be of that much immediate interest to that many of my quilting friends, but I wanted to share a new resource which I think is long overdue and very welcome in my part of the Academy.  It is an on-line journal which is currently being set up and will appear at (  Steve Taylor, the editor in chief describes it as follows:

Organizational Aesthetics is about how the five senses and artistry inform business non-profit and government organizations. We mean for both terms aesthetics and organizational to be understood broadly to include a range of topics. Examples are the use of arts-based methods in organizations theoretical accounts of aesthetic phenomena in organizations such as beautiful (or grotesque) leadership and the art about/in/behind organizations. In fact we hope that authors and artists will take us to places we haven’t even begun to describe here. The content of the journal is organized into four sections Theory, Practice, Art and Reviews.

I have been asked to join the editorial board and will be contributing to it.  I will blog about it again when the first issue is ready to access.


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