The Body Shop quilt at Bristol Quilters Exhibition

My grate friend, Aiison's photo of my quilt
My grate friend, Aiison's photo of my quilt

I cannot imagine that you have been holding your breath until a photo of my quilt in the Bristol Quilters Exhibition could be found, but just in case, here it is, supplied by my grate friend, Alison.  You can’t see the Stanley Spencer sketches, but you can see the rather busy background that I alluded to.  Anyway, here it is complete with random head peering over the top.  It gives an idea of just how big this piece is, but not how heavy.  I am not convinced, either, that it is not less than the sum of its parts, a bit like the current series of Dr Who, and just as confusing.  Anyway…

Alison herself exhibited a gorgeous red quilt that we have all envied in the St Andrew’s Quilters, which is the small sewing group that we belong to.  She has a really exquisite sense of colour, and such a light hand.  You want to have everything she makes.  She also showed a gorgeous breezy Mariner’s Compass small quilt in reproduction fabrics from the recent Victoria and Albert show, but the big red beast really was my kind of thing.  For non-quilters, Mariner’s Compass is based on, well, mariners’ compasses on old sea charts, and is one of the most difficult things to make.  Every quilter should have a go, I suppose, but I feel tired just thinking about it.  Anyway, here is a terrible photo of Alison’s lovely work:

Alison's red quilt
Alison's red quilt

Seriously, this gives you no idea how lovely this quilt is.  Truly the thing to grab, after the kids and the dogs, when the house is on fire.

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