Ineke Berlyn Workshop

Workshop with chocolate
Workshop with chocolate
I start exam marking in earnest, next Tuesday so this might be the last post for about a week.   In order to boost my defences I went with my Grate Friends, Ceri, Becky and Alison, to a Bristol Quilters workshop with Ineke Berlyn.  We had a fantastic time.  She is a very organised, experienced teacher, very nice person, producer of lovely quilts and really inspiring about what she does in a way that makes you want to persevere.  I say this because I hate foundation piecing with a passion – it looks simple but is fiendish to get right in my experience.  And I had to follow a pattern – me, the Queen of the Botchers.  But, despite stitching one small piece of blue grey fabric on four times (and unpicking it three), I did finish the pieced bit of my effort.  I took it home and put on the borders and made up the quilt sandwich and started to do some machine quilting.  So, a lovely day.  This is the show and tell at the end of the workshop:
Show and tell
Show and tell
Mine is the one in the middle with a house, trees and a big orange sun in the top right hand corner. 
One of the things I really appreciated about Ineke was how generous she was, with her ideas and with her materials.  She was very keen to establish a sharing spirit on a day which required lots of little bits.  I made the house in the middle of my quilt entirely with bits from Becky.  And we all shared from a pile of fabric and the chocolates you can see in the picture at the top of the post.  Those are my arms and my trusty, now running smoothly Bernina.
Here are some photos of Ineke’s work which she brought along on the day:
She also has a good website ( with lots of pictures and a genuinely welcoming tone which can be hard to achieve in cyberspace.  She has published two really lovely books which I would highly recommend.  The one on journal quilts is a real favourite chair and preferred drink read.  Very inspirational.
I will post a picture of my finished piece when it is ready.  She did casually remark that you could put some beads on them…  I can’t wait. 
All photos courtesy of Ceri, who also finished the piecing on her quilt, despite choosing the pattern which had the additional hour’s stitching.

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