Here’s something I found in my attic…

Leaves panel, 2010
Leaves panel, 2010

We have an esteemed guest coming to stay tomorrow evening and so there has been a huge amount of clearing up and throwing away going on here.  It seems like a dull way to spend the time, but it will pay dividends in the longer term, I think, as I will be able to find things and so will be prepared for the academic summer of writing learned articles.  Time invested, then.  It has also thrown up some unexpected and half-remembered things, like this small leaf wall quilt.

I do remember making this as it was an experiment printing from paper bags onto felt.  I acquired a lot of white industrial acrylic felt which was far to good to pass by and used it quite a bit as a thin wadding in a number of  things.  With this piece I decided to print from a particularly nice paper bag I was given in a shop and then embroider into it.  So this piece has two layers of white felt and a thin synthetic sparkly organza over the top which is burned back to show the felt underneath:

Leaves panel, 2010, detail
Leaves panel, 2010, detail

The three layers make it technically a quilt.

I found it rolled up in a piece of polythene (yikes) and it still has some fold marks on it.  I think that I will have it framed and put it in the next Bath Textile Artists exhibition.  The quotation up the side reads, ‘Our relics hidden here under fallen orange leaves’ will fit the theme of hidden stories and secrets perfectly.  And it is a really pretty quilt, so it might sell.  In which case I will give the proceeds to Medicins sans Frontieres, which is my favourite charity.  I don’t normally sell work so it will be interesting to see what happens.  Here’s a better picture of the machine quilting:

Leaves panel, 2010, detail
Leaves panel, 2010, detail

The title of this post, by the way, comes from a time when I was a trainer and the ultimate scorn reserved for anything new was, ‘oh, I’ve had that in my attic for years.’  Said with enough confidence, it gave a bit of wriggle room time to think through what was being suggested.

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