Bookbinding and masterpieces

Book box and 'Have You Got The Scrolls?'
Book box and 'Have You Got The Scrolls?'


At the beginning of this month I went on a week-long bookbinding course with the very excellent Guy Begbie ( ).  At the end of the week we had to make what was the equivalent of our masterpiece – to show that we had mastered the craft – the book box.  My heart sank at this.  This is one of those things were precision really matters and every botch screams out.  I found it very difficult and have blogged before about feeling like an amateur and an incompetent.  Guy was great and gave me lots of help, but I was very slow and didn’t finish my piece.  This weekend, however, I finally had the time to stick all the bits together and here is the result: a book box made to house yet another project based on Laura Ashley, made to house a long, thin quilt:




This solved a major problem for me: how to present this quilt which is long – four feet? but narrow 10 inches?  It would be a framer’s nightmare.  But rolling it up in its own custom-made box was the perfect solution.

I will blog about the quilt separately, but for now just want it noted for the record that having done it once (like making my own pasta from scratch) I do not feel the need ever to do it again.  And, let the record show that Guy Begbie has the patience of a saint.

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