I don’t think I ever met a bead I didn’t like…

Big bead mini quilt
Big bead mini quilt


This is one of the plainer Laura Ashley quilts, and I finished it off in a hotel bedroom.  These tiny pieces are really great to take travelling.  Of course, taking a bag of beads and other embellishments tends to add to the weight limit, and I always put them in my case rather than hand luggage and that is more or less the only thing I am worried about losing when the bags inevitably go astray occasionally (well, that and the odd really spectacular pair of shoes, I have).  I thought that this very small piece might look nice with one feature bead, but in the event, I really thought that it looked better with three.  I bought these beads because I thought that they might look nice on a beach scene or in some sort of wall or pebble path.  I thought they looked as if they were made from lava.  But the colours and the texture seemed just right on this piece when I was ‘auditioning’ beads in the hotel room:

Big bead and rick-rack braid close-up
Big bead and rick-rack braid close-up


For some reason I always buy beads in odd numbers so I bought five of these.   I think one might end up as a moon in a landscape piece at some point.  I do try not just to pile the beads on for the sake of it, but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

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