What I did on Sunday

There is a wonderful book called Where women create.  It is a glossy, coffee table book about the studios of creative women.  It is absolutely fantastic with a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit but it is nothing at all like my life.  I believe that there are women who have workrooms like this:

But this is more like this:

But my workroom is so shockingly awful that I daren’t even show you a photo of it.  I friends who would probably never speak to me again if they knew just what chaos it is. I have an entire room at the top of the house and I end up working on about 2.5 square feet.  And I can’t even claim that I know where everything is.  I don’t.  I’ve got to the point of thinking I’ll have to buy a new heatgun because I have given up hope of ever finding mine again.  And, as I get older I can’t concentrate if there is a lot of mess.  So, crisis point has been reached.

Anyway, the long-suffering historian went down to IKEA with me this morning and we bought a flatpack bookcase which he put together and we hoiked up all the flights of stairs to my loft conversion workroom and, finally, it spurred me on.  One sack of recylcling and one bag that even I couldn’t salvage later, there are now patches of carpet visible.

The sun was beating down, the air was fresh, etc but I was inside somewhere between exhilarated and despairing that I had let it get into this state.  But I found sooo much stuff it was well worth doing.  All the clearing up gurus tell you to do 20 mins regularly rather than stick at it for hours and get fed up.  So, I intend to do 20 mins a day until you can actually see the floor from any corner of the room, and I find that hot air gun.

4 thoughts on “What I did on Sunday

  1. Hi Ann – do not forget the old adage – “you can’t make cakes without breaking eggs” and as to work rooms – mine looks like a bomb has hit it most days.
    However I am working through a book at the moment, “Clear Your Clutter – with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston ( just in case you flag) and it is truly scary – and guaranteed to get you “ridding out”. So I am now embarked on a programme of tidying our whole house – EXCEPT my studio- I only tidy my studio at the end of every commission or project I have completed and as a hand embroiderer – I takes months if not years to complete anyhting.

  2. I think you’re right, but it was frustrating. I wanted to do some stitching but was in a chucking out frenzy! I like the idea of clearing your workspace before you start as a signal to yourself that you are about to work. And I usually do clear up after a big project, but the Body Shop quilt left me wrung out! I have never recovered from that. Still, I am getting there.

    And really looking forward to the drawing club.


  3. I prefer the saying ‘creativity is born of chaos’! However, there is chaos that is sometimes just a step too far.

    (Now you know why I haven’t shown you a photograph of my workroom, lol)

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