A quick post about delight

Very quick post today about delight (although the technology has been playing up and writing it has been anything other than delightful).  The photograph shows the wrapping on a brooch I bought last week in a little vintage dress shop in Stroud.  I was looking for old embroidered hankerchiefs for my Laura Ashley project when I saw this little object:

I love turquoise and I couldn’t resist it.  So, I bought it.  I wondered why it was taking the man behind the counter quite so long to wrap it up, plus he couldn’t get a signal on the epos machine and so I had to write a cheque (lucky I had my chequebook with me) and my Grate Frend Mike was waiting somewhere with the car as we were in a short stay space and so on, so I was in a rush.  What I hadn’t realised was that I was playing out some dialled down version of the scene in Love Actually where Alan Rickman is trying to buy an illicit present for his PA while his wife is off buying sensible presents for his mother, and Rowan Atkinson is producing the most elaborate wrapping in the history of the world.  But, when I opened the anonymous paper bag that the whole thing ended up in, it was sheer delight.  And I will use the piece of tulle in another project.  So, success all round.

But this is supposed to be a blog about textiles per se, so here is another incidental delight.  My mother came home from her quilting group last night this fantastic piece of heavy furnishing weight silk:

Just glorious.  And the fringe made by the unravelling fabric is too good not to use in something:

I can’t quite imagine what the curtains that this remnant came from would be like, but they are a beautiful explosion of colour, shape and texture, and the fabric will have to figure in something!  One last look:


2 thoughts on “A quick post about delight

  1. Again, I know people sneer at films like ‘Love Actually’, but, as you saw from the post, I like to be delighted. Just recently British tv has been full of graphic representations of people being shot in the head as entertainment, and I am beginning to want to retreat into a world of loveliness. So thanks for sharing.

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