London Sketchbook

London Sketchbook 2011
London Sketchbook 2011

The 6th September was, unbelievably for me, the silver wedding anniversary for me and the medieval historian.  After much discussion we decided on a weekend in London doing all the things we have been meaning to do but hardly ever have time to on a day trip.  So, one of these was to go to the Sir John Soane’s Museum (, and another was to go to the Museum of London (  We also went to see the fantastic Treasures of Heaven exhibition currently on at the British Museum, but there is bound to be more about that in a subsequent post.  The medieval historian wanted to see the new medieval gallery a the Museum of London so I fell to doing some sketching in the pre-history galleries, where they had some lovely elemental-looking stuff:

I have a plan in mind to make a piece based on these wonderful axe heads after seeing the stunning display of them in the National Museum in Copenhagen earlier this year.

The unexpected treasure, though, was the Sir John  Soane’s Museum, which, as the medieval historian said, was like walking round the inside of his head, or like ambling round his website.  Everyone who goes raves about it, as it is quite unlike anywhere else and is crammed with his collection of sculpture and architectural ‘elements’ and paintings.  I didn’t do any sketches as you are only allowed in in small numbers and the house would get too crowded if everyone was hanging about drawing.  The man on the front desk was apologetic and said he thought it was a shame as drawing forced people to look at the stuff rather than run through, and sketching is allowed in the week if they are not too busy.  So, I bought some cards and turned one of them into an impromptu cover for my London sketchbook:

The only downside is that I ruined both heels of my favourite pair of shoes in a grate in there.  But, there is always a serpent in paradise.

2 thoughts on “London Sketchbook

  1. But now you have the perfect reason to create a pair of ALTERED shoes. You see, every cloud has a silver lining!

    Like the sketchbooks. Thanks for giving us a glimpse inside, and congrats to you both on 25 years

  2. Genius, your comment is genius. I will post a picture of the shoes at some point as they were the peak of perfection anyway, but I love your approach to life. Thanks for cheering me up on a rainy day!

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