Friday night at the North Somerset Quilters

I spent a lovely Friday evening with the North Somerset Quilters in Backwell, doing my Management Quilts talk.  Because it was the last outing for it because just about everyone in these parts who wants to hear it has heard it, I decided to video it, and so Mike and Gary came along with their camera and tripod.  We were made to feel very welcome.  The video is in post-production with Gary, and might eventually be made available, possibly through this blog.

The group also made a very generous to Medicins sans Frontieres, which is the charity I support through public speaking.

While I was there, I bought the wonderful piece of hexagon patchwork at the top of this post which was in the Unfinished Object (UFO) box,  I love the fact that it came with the template and embroidery thread and some made-up patches.  You can see the fussy cutting in the picture.  Returning to the theme of the previous post, I had to buy this little plastic bag of stuff because it was so joyful.  The fabric is all synthetic as far as I can see, but it is beautifully cut and the feather stitch embroidery is really exuberant:

I would like to do something about hexagon patchwork at some point and this is a good addition to the collection of material.

So, the North Somerset Quilters were a great bunch, full of energy and life and clearly loving their craft.  I had an excellent evening with them, and am looking forward possibly to being invited back when my Laura Ashley and Anita Roddick talk is ready for public consumption.  Mike and Gary enjoyed their tea and biscuits, too.

5 thoughts on “Friday night at the North Somerset Quilters

  1. Hi Ann,
    I have a small but fascinating piece of hexagon patchwork bought from a Bath antique shop some years ago. Why it is so wonderful is that the papers have been left in the back and they are all handwriting samples in pen and ink, large looping letters of different sizes; the date must be mid or late 19th century. It is very beautiful and I want to work a piece of my own from the idea, but the fabrics will be seen to be protecting the words.

  2. I get so carried away that I have to set a timer for an hour. I think it might have startled the woman who was waiting for a call from her daughter about going into labour 🙂

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