Art of Management and Organization 2012, University of York

Ron Cooke Gallery - University of York
Ron Cooke Gallery - University of York

Last week I was very excited to be invited to go and look at the Gallery in the Ron Cooke Hub at the University of York with a view to having an exhibition of my quilts there next year as part of the Art of Management and Organization Conference.  The theme of the conference will be Creativity and Critique and it will be on from 4-6th of September.  My very good friend Beatriz Acevedo and I will be producing new collaborative work for the show as well.  It will be a fantastic opportunity to exhibit all my quilts together in one space in a purpose-built, brand new gallery.  Such a brilliant opportunity to have them all together because I am going to have to start ‘letting them go’.  I just don’t have room for all the work anymore, and so to make space for new work, I will have to think about sending some pieces out into the world on their own.

It’s a big gallery, so there will be a chance to show a lot of work including series of pieces such as my twelve contemporary samplers and my five Laura Ashley Identity pieces.  By then I might also have figured out how to display the mini quilts.

I am absolutely indebted to Jenna Ward and Lynne Baxter and Steve Linstead who are organising the conference and invited me to have the exhibition, and I feel very grateful to them.  Even though it is a year away, I think I need to start planning now…

And finally, a wonky shot of a photo of the building the gallery is in:

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