A resolution for a new academic year…



Well, it has been an expensive couple of months at this end with all sorts of unexpected payouts for a wide variety of mishaps, misadventures and occasionally exciting bits of fun.  But it has resulted in hard times here.  Plus, as I have blogged about before, I am in danger of disappearing under the mountains of ‘stuff’ I have accumulated over the years.  So, I have taken the bold decision not to buy anything associated with my art/craft/textile work for a whole year.  This started officially on 1 October and has already been tested with a trip to the stationery aisle of the supermarket to buy padded envelopes – but who can resist looking at the children’s marker pens and crayons? – and a fantastic bargain basement shop which had really cheap speciality papers.  Picking up stuff for my work is just second nature now.  But it has to stop for a while.  So no half measures.  it’s total withdrawal.  My self-imposed rules are:

  1. I will not buy any art supplies/materials for one calendar year and this includes mail order.  And books.  I can feel the panic rising in me now…
  2. I can continue with  my subscription to Selvedge magazine which is my treat.
  3. I can continue to go to workshops.
  4. I can buy things to help me shift things – such as frames for mounting work to give away, or possibly this year, even sell.
  5. I can swap or barter or receive donations.
  6. I can acquire found items, like the bits of metal I pick up in the street.
  7. I can honour existing commitments like getting things for a workshop on fabric postcards I am running with the lovely and excellent Harriet Shortt in September next year.
  8. I can buy absolute staples like ink for my fountain pen and glue.
  9. The rules don’t apply to Laura Ashley which is my current big research project, because I am trying to amass enough fabric to make a bed quilt.

This is a very tall order.  The medieval historian didn’t help last night when I showed him a packet of steampunk findings from ArtChix (www.artchixstudio.com) that he really loved.  ‘Oh, it doesn’t apply to lovely things like that.’  Riiight.  I think it does.  My girlfriends give this about six weeks.  But even six weeks would represent a saving for me, and might help me use up stuff that has been hanging about for years.  I think this might be an age thing.  I was at a friend’s new house yesterday and she said she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life surrounded by books like she had done for the last forty years.  I completely understand.

So, I will keep you posted.  I think I will last three months – which will bring us up to Christmas, my favourite time of year.  Will I be able to hold out against glitter?  I doubt it.

2 thoughts on “A resolution for a new academic year…

  1. LOL, I make that resolution on a regular basis, then something sells out and I have to make up a huge order so it can be back in stock.

    No wonder we are drowning in supplies…..

  2. My grandmother always used to say, at least ‘it’s not fast women and slow horses’ and my mother that I would remember the purchase a lot longer than I would remember the overdraft, so there’s small wonder that I overspend!

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