So farewell, then, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs


I woke up to the news that Steve Jobs had died.  I am not sure what I can add to the obituaries that will be written, but, my life was made a tiny bit better by the products that Apple launched under his leadership.  This blog, for example, is made so much easier to produce because of the way that Macs handle graphics and the fact that I have my iPhone means that I can take photos easily and insert them into posts.  The photo packages on Macs are also really easy and mean that I can enjoy my own photos so much more than before.  I love the slide shows and the easy effects.

So, while I am not sure that Jobs was quite the saviour of humanity he appears in some of the obits, my life was made a bit more fun by what he did and for that I am grateful.











2 thoughts on “So farewell, then, Steve Jobs

  1. Yes, I marked a student dissertation about workers’ conditions on the Chinese production line which was very troubling. But there is some thing soooo seductive about those sleek, shiny machines…

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