Blog party giveaway – now closed – sorry!


Please write something in the comments section of this post – and I will put you into my exciting prize draw – no need to give me your business card or to recommend a friend.  If you are the lucky winner I will reply and we can arrange for delivery of the highly desirable prize.

Thanks in advance…




134 thoughts on “Blog party giveaway – now closed – sorry!

  1. Dear Ann
    I have been following your blog for a while and wondered whether you would be interested in giving a talk at my local Embroiderers’ Guild.
    Best wishes

  2. Am fascinated by the splendid cartouche work – we need to see it in more detail – and I feel that the same request could be forthcoming from the Geography School…

  3. Your work is lovely. I will return another day when I have more time to read your posts and enjoy photos of your work. Thanks for offering a gift! A mystery surprise is always fun.

  4. A mystery prize- someone will be a lucky winner I am sure when their name is chosen. ‘Thanks for the chance to win and for participating in the blog hop.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  5. I am intrigued, what might it be? I love surprises, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Interesting Dear Holmes, very interesting. come on over to my side of the blogs, I too am having a giveaway.

  6. I love the idea of entering a mystery prize draw. What a fun way to be included on the Bloghop. Thanks for taking part, I am really enjoying myself.

  7. Just love mystery presents!! reminds me a being a child on Christmas eve and lying awake, wondering what Santa was bringing!

  8. What a lovely give away you have here, I love mysteries! So I am in! Thanks for the opportunity! I am participant in this give away too, so you might visit my blog too. Kind greetings from the Netherlands.

  9. I’m not generally one to sign up for mystery prizes as I already have a house full of things taking up space. After looking through your blog, I’m sure it will be things that I don’t already have and that will force me to do something new.

  10. Neat, who doesn’t love surprises. Looking forward to checking out your blog, it looks interesting from here.

  11. Oh, my! I got lost in your Dec.13 post, I want to climb through the screen and play, too! You didn’t say anything about being a follower but I’m going to go see if it is possible. I’ve hopped and hopped this week and seen all sorts of quilting blogs but you have an artistic spirit that is compatible with mine.

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