And so this is Christmas…

Strange theological confusion
Strange theological confusion

Well, there is slight theological confusion here – this seems to be the Christmas chicken laying Christmas eggs in a golden nest.  It’s so ridiculous I decided to keep it – the gold bows were hanging about on the mantlepiece waiting to go on some presents I was wrapping, but they looked so much like a nest I decided to keep it.  I normally go in for nativity scenes as I love Christmas cribs, but why not ring the changes.

I haven’t posted much recently mainly because I am still working on the death quilt which is a. hardly seasonal, and b.would yield only photos very much like those previously posted.  But it is getting towards the finishing line and I will post photos soon.  The second reason is that it is the end of term and that always involves a rush to get things finished and I have been occupied by that.  I have a small pile of marking which I catch out of the corner of my eye from time to time, but nothing too horrible this year.

This might be the last post before he end of the year and so I will end with a couple of pictures from my trip to London this week.  I went with my great friend Beatriz Acevedo.  We met to talk about research, but couldn’t resist meeting within shouting distance of the biggest artshop in London.  The casuistry to get round the spending ban was interesting.  I decided to spend my Christmas money from my mother-in-law as presents are exempt from the ban.  Complete cheating, but it did enable me to buy some wonderful Golden Fluid Acrylic paint shades and an intriguing crackle medium which I intend to try.  The shop is just off Brick Lane, which is an fascinating bit of London to wander through.  It’s called Atlantis ( and although it is totally unprepossessing from the outside, it has a vast range of that most precious commodity, the box frame:

It was like finding the source of the Nile.

In addition, the best way to find it is to turn into the street which has this magnificent heron painted on a wall:

Beatriz, who has a great eye for a photo, insisted that I posed by this bit of street art in my shiny black coat:

I would say in my defence that I had my hair cut the following day and don’t look quite so wild sitting here now!

Well, last year’s New Year’s resolution was to start a blog, and I have done that with 139 posts this year.  I have really enjoyed doing it, and look forward to posting a bit more regularly once Christmas is over, but Happy Christmas to everyone who reads this blog, and I hope you have a lovely, peaceful, prosperous, successful, solvent even, New Year.  See you on the far side…


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