Shall we read what it says on the label?

I very seldom make samples in my work.  I know everyone else seems to swear by them, but I am too impatient.  But for the death quilt, I did and ended up with a mini quilt.  I used the sample to try out facing a quilt to finish it which I had never done before and which worked out quite well.  But this particular disaster happened after the main quilt was finished and I experimented with a way of handling the central image just to see what would happen and not as a try-out for the full thing.  I wanted to knock back the central image, which on the finished thing I did by putting a layer of black tulle over it – which I have already blogged about.  But one of the purchases I made with my Christmas money (presents, remember, being exempt from the spending embargo) was a jar of Golden Crackle Paste.  Now, I thought this was like crackle glaze and would allow me to get a crazed varnish effect over my image, but actually it is for painting over and isn’t transparent at all.  Instead of a vintage sepia Victorian gothic effect, I got this:

Not quite what I had in mind.  So, then I had to see if I could  salvage it, and if necessity really was the mother of invention.  But it is lucky that this was on the sample and not the finished piece.  Totally my own fault.  And a learning opportunity, as we say in the trade.

In the end, I sanded back the dried paste, put a thin wash of Golden Fluid Acrylic paint over the whole thing, and then put some gold paint around the frame part.  I think it’s come out quite well, but I prefer the netted version on the finished quilt.  But it was interesting to have to salvage it, and I had the words of the great Tim Gunn from Project Runway ringing in my ears when the latest of his trainee couturiers does something stupid: ‘Make it work.’  See what you think:

Finished panel
Finished panel
Finished panel on death quilt
Finished panel on death quilt

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