Winter II

Winter II
Winter II

Well, you will know if you saw my last post that I have enrolled in a challenge to produce an  8×10″ quilt on the theme of winter and it is not going that easily.  I discover that I am not particularly inspired by nature and this is a bit of an uphill struggle.

So this is my second attempt.  It is playing with the spikiness of the winter garden.  I used a piece of pva and thread fabric that I made last summer.  It involves getting a plastic bag or piece of polythene and slopping some watered down pva glue onto it.  Then you drop threads into it and then pour more dilute glue on the top.  When it’s dry you peel it off the plastic and you can stitch into it.  I usually make the glue too strong. I think you really need a third glue and two-thirds water, but lose my nerve and add more pva, which in this case made the fabric far too stiff to stitch.

I finished it off with a pale winter sun which I think reflects my current passion for sixties design.  I’m sure I grew up with this on crockery!

So this piece is okay, but, I think I was kidding myself as I was making it that it was good enough for an exhibition.  I will find some use for it at some point, but it’s back to the drawing board for Winter III.

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