What I did on Saturday


Another quick post today.  This one is to show that I finally got round to doing something with two lovely gifts, and to add weight to my contention that I never met a bead I didn’t like.  This necklace is made from two lovely gifts.  The beads were a present from my very lovely colleague, Nick. who, before he started work with me, sent me a jiffy bag full of beads, and then for my birthday gave me a box full of these lovely items – two of each so that I could make a necklace.  They are just lovely.

The little framed icon at the bottom was given to me by my good friend and writing partner, Sue.  We have done a fair bit of work together on the appeal of icons and ex votos and are in the middle of doing another paper.  Neither of us understand why this kind of religious art has quite such a pull on two women who no-one would ever describe as religious.  Creativity can start with an itch to find out why (alongside the very popular ‘what if?’ question), and it has certainly kept us going for months.  This is the little image – on one side an icon:


and on the other one of Leonardo’s madonnas:



I have worn the necklace with a very plain T-shirt and a black dress.  It looks great, and I am delighted to combined two nice things from two lovely people.  And nice to think of them when I am wearing it.

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