On not being able to scratch the creative itch…

Well, sitting here on a very rainy and dull Bank Holiday/Public holiday and about to go and do some visiting and meeting friends for high tea, all of which is very important to me and will be lovely, but I suddenly realised that I will not get to do anything at all creative (by which I mean involving stitching) for over a week.  I have just come back from a work trip to Poland, and I am teaching solidly next weekend, so the opportunities to vent some of that creative energy are going to be very few and far between.

While that makes me sad, it also makes me very edgy.  I get quite stroppy if I can’t channel some of that creative energy into needle and thread, and hence the spiky nature of the picture at the top of the post.  I would go as far as to say that I am quite panicky.  Much as I love my friends, I increasingly find that I have to have this sort of time to myself as well.  If I don’t find some way to let it out, I know that I will become bad tempered and snappy with people.  Perhaps I will have to take the sketchbook with me on my travels this week and see if that provides some release.  Here’s a quick sketch I did of a beautiful young man with very delicate features and a beautiful ‘updo’ on the plane home yesterday:

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