I posted last week about the frustrations of not being able to get down to any stitching, so last night as the medieval historian was working, I got down to some serious sewing in my workroom.  Except when I got up there ready to do something flamboyant and fantastic, I found a small quilt made for a talk I am planning on my work on Laura Ashley sitting there waiting for a binding.  So, I thought I should do that.  Then I did a bit of quilting on a sample of transfer dyeing which has been lying about for years and then I got down to work on this which is sewing the very last scraps of fabric from a group quilt I am making with St Andrew’s Quilters, the small sewing group that I have belonged to for years.  This is going to be ‘my’ quilt and it is a very simple design taken from one of Kaffe Fassett’s books, intended to use up a lot of blue fabric which I have had for years in a drawer.  I would, as my mother would say, rather have its room than its company.

Anyway, I stitched the strips down onto a very old piece of Laura Ashley needlecord and a small piece of cotton wadding and I liked the effect.  But it clearly needed something more, so I did some seeding in bright yellow perle cotton which is very thick and a nightmare to sew.



I may or may not put some beads on it.  I may put a facing on it and mount it on a canvas.  Really not sure.  This one was made for the sheer joy of stitching and the delight in using up every last scrap, particularly as one of the fabrics is one of the very last that the British firm Rose and Hubble made before they closed.  And again, it makes me think of Derek Jarman’s lovely book on colour, Chroma, in which he talks about the power of blue and gold together.  I was idly planning a talk on the colour blue as I was doing the seeding.  It could be very nice, and I am really taken with the idea of blue as the colour of utopia.  Then again, I could get on with the day job!

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