In which I return to my sewing machine



In a recent post I was complaining about not having enough time to do any stitching and how edgy and nervous this made me felt.  Well, this week I have managed to get upstairs to my work room to do some sewing.  It’s a quick post for quilters today, really, to show the results.  Just for fun I started to stitch together the leftover strips from a workshop I went to with my Grate Frends Ceri, Ruth, Becky and Alison.  I might blog later about how the leftovers turned into sub-Mark Rothkos, but I wanted to concentrate today on the stitching.  One of the scraps had lots of bark-y texture and I wanted to reflect that in the quilting on the plainer fabrics and so I ‘invented’ (there is nothing new of course) a more spiky bark-like stitch, seen at the top of the post and also here,where you can see the lovely hand dyed (not by me) fabric:



Quite a relief from the techniques where you aren’t supposed to cross over your lines!  I also did some of my favourite bubble quilting which in this close-up does look a bit amateurish:



And I finished off with a bit of gentle hand quilting while watching Castle, one of my guilting pleasures while the medieval historian was out spreading the word:



Pictures of the finished pieces – which are very small, as soon as they are done.

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