What I did at the weekend

There is a tiny hiatus in the marking and so I thought that I would recommend an exhibition to those of you who live in the South-West of England, The Brunel BroderersCuriously Enough.

The exhibition is in a beautiful converted watermill in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, close to Stroud, which is always worth a visit.  Many of the exhibits are based on narrative and fairy stories, and there is some truly exceptional work.  I don’t want to single out anyone in particular but it is a long time since I enjoyed everything in an exhibition and even bought a piece of work.  This show is lovely.  The following photographs are from the Brunel Broderers’ website and blog:

It is a small show and easy to see in a morning or afternoon.  The stewarding was very friendly and welcoming and informative without being overpowering or feeling like surveillance.  The chocolate flapjacks in the cafe were exceptional.  All in all a lovely afternoon out, especially with a drive through the edges of the Cotswolds thrown in.

The details of the exhibition are as follows:

‘Curiously Enough’
Ruskin Mill College, Horsley, Glos GL6 OPL
Saturday 2nd to Thursday 14th June 2012
Exhibition will close at 1pm on June 14th
Open Mon to Sat 10am to 5pm

If you go, make sure you go to Ruskin Mill and not the college as the address and postcode are misleading, although there is a very lovely riverside walk between the two sites.  Here’s a photo I took of the poppies blooming on the path:

Taken with my phone and not an instagram app in sight!


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