What I did at the weekend II

After the success of the trip to the Design Museum in Denmark, it would have been greedy to have hoped for much more, but on Saturday my magnificent hosts Sara and Alf and my new partner in art, Sara’s son Mathias, went to the Louisiana Museum north of Copenhagen.  The museum itself is a stunning building in a lovely park and it is situated on the coast.   You can see this from this picture of the cafe:

And they serve a Danish speciality, strawberry tarts:

There is a wonderful shop which is the only place I would go Christmas shopping if I lived in Copenhagen.  It’s a good job I was having trouble with my credit card or it could have been a very expensive trip indeed.

One of the real highlights, though, for me, was the provision of activities for children.  So, not just a treasure hunt with a clipboard, but a whole children’s wing housing three floors of activities and workshops.  There are small suitcases themed to go with the sculpture park or the current exhibitions and they contain materials so that the children can respond to the art in a variety of media.  It is brilliantly well thought out.

The day ended with me and Sara and Mathias making clay sculptures together of the Giacomettis we had seen in the gallery.  The children’s wing is sponsored by Panduro which helps as there is an endless supply of materials, but there are also plenty of staff on hand and a strong sense of generosity of spirit about the place.  I love using clay – real clay, which is cool and responsive, so it was the perfect thing to do before going to the airport to get my flight home.

While I was there the current exhibition is called Pink Caviar and is a show of recent acquisitions.  The first installation on the way into the gallery was of large enamel painted panels which immediately struck me as ready made quilt designs:

And here is my grainy shot of the same thing:

And a moody shot of the reflection in the window:

The gallery is clearly a huge success.   I think it’s because it is such a complete aesthetic experience and on a sunny day it was quite beautiful inside and out.  But, as Mathias pointed out, next time we go we go straight to the clay station and get working.  Food and shopping can wait!

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