Drawing with children

Well, I did say that I would blog this week if I got good enough wifi, and the apartment we are staying at has great access once we worked out the name of the network.

I find myself with two small boys which is very unusual for me, but it has catalysed my sketchbooks in interesting ways, So, for your delectation I begin with lion/dragon/dogs, followed by a simple dragon dog:

Drawing with children, which something I haven’t done for years, is a lot of fun.

Here’s another dragon, a symbol which seems to be coming to the fore for me:

This one comes from a technique where you slap on red paint, then blue paint, then yellow paint and then look for animals in the random strokes.  I got a dragon, a poodle and a snake.

I didn’t do this one with the boys, but here is my machine for a flower to select another flower for cross-pollination.

The ideas are from a great book, Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim:

And to end with this is a Modigliani portrait.  Lots of ideas and lots of fun:

4 thoughts on “Drawing with children

    1. It’s true. My art buddy, Mathias, drew a picture of Batman and Robin that Giacometti would have been proud of! Thanks for taking the time to comment,

  1. I really like that book, it’s a good ‘loosen upper’. Maybe you should branch out and create some of your drawings in fabric. What fun!

    1. That’s a nice idea. And the book is great. I ordered the one specifically about drawing with children, but the adult one is lovely tool Thanks for taking time to comment.

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