Family joke


It’s a family joke that no matter where we go on holiday, no matter how remote or how desolate, I will always find the quilting shop.  Yesterday was no exception.  We were in a tiny hilltop town in Catalonia which seemed only to have one cafe – in Spain? – but my eye was caught by the poster at the top of the post advertising quilting classes in another small Catalan town.  I thought no more of it, until we stopped for coffee in St Quinze de Besora.  Walking back to the car, I couldn’t help but spot the shop in the poster, even though it was shuttered up against the afternoon heat:



I’m not sure if it’s a gift or a curse, but funnily enough, no-one was prepared to wait around until 5.00 pm with me until it opened.



2 thoughts on “Family joke

  1. Hmm. And they call themselves family? 😉 I’ve been in similar situations. Just shows you never know where you will find something of interest. Have fun.

    1. I know. I seem to have a radar or homing device. And of course because they all want to look American they all the same, but I always have to buy a souvenir. This time I bought some charms in a gorgeous Spanish town called Vic. Highly recommended.

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