Kate Bush – Creativity Hall of Fame Nominee

I am sorry that there has been a hiatus in the blog.  This is not because of the Olympics but because we have been having an almighty clear-out and I haven’t had time or energy for any sewing for about three weeks.    I can see the stairs to my workroom now, so I might be able to get round to making something shortly, and it does mean that I now have a desk to work from rather than balancing my laptop on my knee.

All that aside, I was in Sainsbury’s rootling through the bargain bin, which I find a great source of inspiration, when I came upon a compilation of Kate Bush’s hits for less than a fiver.  I thought it was worth that just to reminisce about Wuthering Heights which was such a massive hit when I was a teenager.  Strangely, I was never that big a fan of Kate Bush, although almost everyone at my all-girls school was.  I just didn’t get it, despite the fact that all that wild romanticism ought to have been my thing.  But, en route to the dogs’ home to drop off several bin bags of unwanted stuff from our overprivileged mutts, we decided to give the record a go.

None of this has much to do with quilting, but it does have something to say about creativity.  One of the definitions of a genius which intrigued me, is someone who is utterly themselves, true to their spirit, their genius, the thing that makes them uniquely them.  No-one else could produce what they produce and they are utterly one with the product of their creativity.  You either like or loathe it, but it is full of integrity, idiosyncratic and generally unreproducible by anyone else.  Well, I think by that measure Kate Bush is a genius.  We sat in the car trying to think if she reminded us of anyone, as we regularly play the ‘Oh, he listened to a lot of Led Zeppelin in his youth’, or ‘She listened to too much something else at an impressionable age’.  You can’t say that about Kate Bush.  She just sounds like Kate Bush.  Some of it is bonkers, but she does it with such conviction that no-one else could replicate it even if they tried.  I love the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s version of Wuthering Heights but it isn’t meant to sound like La Bush.

Some reasons why we might love her and celebrate her creativity:

  • She remains true to herself and she didn’t seem to sell out, releasing albums when she wanted to, fitted in around motherhood, and only ever doing one concert tour.
  • She refused to prance around in her knickers (cf Beyonce and Jessie J) and wouldn’t be ‘sexied up’.
  • She was the first person to wear a head mic so that she could dance on stage (this one is dubious, I admit).
  • She had mad hair and made it all right for the rest of us to have it.
  • She did it her way.

So, I  am trying to get past the wild-staring eyes, the leotards, the free-expressive dance, the mime, the synthesisers and the hyperbole.  In her own way, a genius.

I am catapulted right back into the sixth form…

2 thoughts on “Kate Bush – Creativity Hall of Fame Nominee

  1. then again, many a lad still drools over the babushka pictures.

    I’ve always loved kate bush, but here recent stuff is madder than ever.

    I also have a desk to work from, two in fact, but one is covered in books and the other in cloth, so I still balance my laptop on my knee

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