Try not to get too excited…


I have just published a new permanent page on this blog.  This is entirely to do with a publisher getting anxious about copyright (always a thorny subject).  The compromise was that I would put the pictures on my blog with a link to them in the published paper.

So, there is now a page called Portraiture Project ( ) which contains the draft text of an article I wrote on using portraiture as a research method in organisation studies.  I have added the text in case anyone is interested in my academic work (I’d make a cup of tea instead if I were you).

There will soon be another one on my Benjamin project.  This is the joy of doing visual using visual methods when the world is set up for the written world.


2 thoughts on “Try not to get too excited…

    1. Yes, I think it is a nice article. Nicer one coming out in Organizational Aesthetics, though, if you like the straight art as a method stuff! Thanks for commenting.

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