If anyone from Gwent Quilters is reading my blog, please could you get in touch via the comments section or via the University of Bristol.

When I opened my raffle prize of a bag of fancy ribbons on Saturday I discovered twelve pounds wrapped up in a paper towel.  I thought it was some beads or a broken necklace and part of the prize, but £12 seems an odd sum to give as a prize, so I think whoever donated it probably accidentally dropped the cash in and has been going nuts trying to work out where it went.

If someone gets in touch I will be happy to refund the money, or give it to charity.


The ribbons are lovely, by the way.


2 thoughts on “GWENT QUILTERS

  1. Dear Ann
    I have reacently tried to get in touch with you via the university email address but haven’t had a reply. Perhaps you have not seen the emails.
    Could you please get in touch.
    Many thanks

  2. Dear Ann
    I thought I had left a comment/message her yesterday but it seems to have disappeared.
    Could you please contact me.
    Best wishes

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