My bargain of the century so far – and it’s from IKEA



Regular readers of this blog will know that the Medieval Historian and I have been sorting out a workroom.  This seems to involve innumerable trips to IKEA – which is in walking distance from here, so not that much of an expedition, but still…  Yesterday we were in search of a comfy chair to go with my desk, but you know what it’s like in IKEA , you can’t go straight to what you want; you have to walk all the way round the store. On yesterday’s hike I came across this sewing machine.  I had been going to buy a cheap machine on the web to take to a workshop I am running next week with the wonderful Harriet Shortt from UWE, but hadn’t got round to it, so this seemed like a godsend in terms of time not spent on the web, plus knowing it would arrive in time.

So, having assembled the chair, I went and tried out the sewing machine.  Fantastic.  It is very basic.  It only has three stitch lengths, and I expect making buttonholes would be something of a performance, but the stitch is great.  I’d like to know who makes the insides because it sews better than a lot of £200+ machines I have used.  It looks less than cool, like a kid’s toy in fact, but it goes like a bomb and weighs about as much as a heavy handbag rather than requiring the intensive working out with weights that I need in order to lift my beloved Bernina.  Apart from its pedagogical trip next week, I will definitely be taking it to workshops in the future and people can scorn its Early Learning Centre looks against their Maserati mean machines as much as they like.  It actually has the acceleration of a sports car despite its Noddy looks.



It even comes with spare needles.  All this for the amazing price of £60 (although I choose not to think about the hourly rate of the people putting them together).

Yours, surprised and delighted,


The Academic Quilter



2 thoughts on “My bargain of the century so far – and it’s from IKEA

  1. i have 2 old machines which i cant afford to take to be fixed but im wondering if i should just buy a new machine when i have the money. do the feed dogs drop so u can do free embroidery?

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