Shopping in York

So, I am back from York and The Art of Management Conference.  I had a fantastic time and the exhibition was just great.  I’ll be blogging about it in the coming week when I have had time to sort out the photos and gather my thoughts, but I had to start with some stuff about shopping.  York has a small craft shop trail.  The shops aren’t completely spectacular like Atlantis in London, or Blade Rubber if you like rubber stamps, but that is a good thing because they aren’t overwhelming either.  The Viking Loom, for example, just has a nice selection of all sorts of lovely things.  I did go on a pilgrimage to Make Your Mark which is a rubber stamp shop I always go into when I am in York because they have their own designs which are really fresh not the sort of Belle Epoque vintage or the cutesy that you get so often.  Their medieval range, for example, is lovely.

Plus they mount the stamps for you on wooden blocks and they cost a fraction of the price of most ranges.

The other shop I love is Duttons for Buttons which is a remarkable building as well as button seller, with a fifteenth-century room at the top completely un-messed-about with as it was only discovered about thirty years ago.  Downstairs they have a stunning range of – funnily enough – buttons, including some great vintage pieces.  It is quite pricey, I think, and they could teach classes on marketing and selling, but I don’t mind paying extra because I think it’s so great that haberdashers like this still exist.  I spent a fortune, despite the fact that I am feeling as if I never want to thread a needle ever again.

2 thoughts on “Shopping in York

  1. I also like the fact that the duttons in ilkley and harrogate tedn to carry slightly different ranges.

    I never like the viking loom much though, as I;ve found the staff a bit snotty – I go round the corner to craft basics instead, where they have a lazy greyhound you can pet and are much friendlier

  2. You’re right – it did seem a bit of a strain for them to serve me in Viking Loom, whereas Craft Basics woman was very friendly and helpful to my friend who wanted to make some earrings.

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