In which ladybirds invade my blog

I sat down this morning to try to make sense of everything that has happened over the past two weeks – and the mind map at the top of the post gives an idea of how far I got in fifteen minutes. I can see that it is going to take a while to digest.   Plus next week I will be on a writing retreat which does not have internet access as a matter of principle, so it might take me a while to get all the stuff onto the blog that I want to share.  But, let’s make a start with something lovely.

At the Art of Management conference last week we had the customary conference bag, this time a nice strong jute shopper which will come in handy, but the wonderful Jenna, who was working like a demon to make sure the whole thing was a success, got her grandmother to make us all a knitted ladybird.  At first it seems there was some opposition to this.  Was it a bit infantile?  Did it fit with the drive to make the conference more academically rigorous?  In the end Jenna won and the ladybirds were a big hit:

Coincidentally, the ladybird is the theme of a large project I have just become involved with to think about teaching sustainability using arts-based methods, with my very good friend, Beatriz Acevedo.  We are going to start a project blog in which the ladybird speaks, in fact it’s the ladybird’s blog.  So I couldn’t resist swiping some of the remaining ladybirds which formed the table decorations at the conference dinner for my co-researchers Helen, Charlotte and Ramos:

So, that was a nice bit of synchronicity to start our Go Green project.  And also respect to Jenna’s grandmother and her flying needles for turning out over a hundred of the little creatures which were absolutely beautifully made.

4 thoughts on “In which ladybirds invade my blog

  1. I’ve always known these as ladybugs, but like your term very much. Your mind map seems like a useful way to put ideas in order–must try it. I’ve seen these diagrams but not used quite this way. Thanks.

  2. Yes, it’s interesting, isn’t it, ladybirds are beetles which we love but most insects – spiders particularly – give me the creeps. We found a cricket on a worktop in the kitchen yesterday and were delighted. Odd the bugs we love and those we don’t – as a gardener you must find that. Lily beetles here are spectacular to look at but murder to deal with. Glad you like the mind map. I was sent on a very expensive course to learn how to do them when I worked in Financial Services and have always felt duty bound to use them since!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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