What I did on Saturday

I know that this is a blog about academic quilting, but it is also for people who love embellishment and textiles.  So, yesterday while the Medieval historian was doing work of international importance in Blagdon, Somerset, I went off to have a look at the Mulberry Factory Shop in Shepton Mallet.  As usual there was nothing that I could afford even at 50% so I went back to the car and saw a sign for an upmarket designer outlet next door.  This turned out to be a much happier hunting ground.  Anyway, I put aside my customary guilt about the conditions in which these slippers were produced because they are just so ridiculous and exuberant, and my old pair are literally falling apart.  Plus these came in this lovely embroidered calico bag.

Speaking of wrapping, I went back to the vintage dress shop in Stroud while I was on my writing retreat last week and bought a brooch wrapped with the usual care:

I fear I may have been well and truly rooked over the vintage Laura Ashley dresses I bought, but look, a satin rose and pink tulle…

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