Something of a thought for the day.




Quick post today, as a pile of marking has just shown up.

I was idly leafing through a rather nice book with an awful title: Living the Creative Life  by Rice Freeman-Zachery, and I came across this quotation from Wendy Hale Davis:


Every piece I’ve just finished is absolutely the finest thing I’ve ever done… for a couple of hours.  Or days.  Or the worst thing I’ve ever done.  (p. 116)

Wendy Hale Davis is a bookbinder and art journal maker.  I really liked this as it struck a chord with me.  My favourite piece is almost always the last piece I have done or the first in a series like the Body Shop shrine prototype:




Finishing things is fascinating.  I like the sense of achievement but the next day I’m usually ready to start again.  It extends to written academic work as well.  I finish a piece and think it’s great.  Five or even two years later I can’t bear to read it because it seems so naive or pretentious or wrong.  Finishing is problematic.


Here’s a bit more of Hale Davis’ work:


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