What I did at the weekend part deux




As I mentioned in my last post, I had a weekend of stitch therapy after a hard week teaching the same material many times over.  I finished the mourning quilt or memorial quilt that I wrote about earlier in the week.  I also decided to make another Laura Ashley ghost doll.

These are the dolls which tell the untold stories of my Laura Ashley research.  I will put up a page of the stories at some point, but they make depressing reading, so I wouldn’t look at them over the festive season.  There are now eight of them, and I really love making them.  My lovely friend Beatriz draws Frida Kahlo when she’s out of sorts, and I make the dolls.

This one was interesting because her ensemble started with her underwear.  They all have knickers, thanks to my Aunty Pauline’s early training, and I always make them first because they are boring to make and you never want to come back and do them at the end.  So, I started with some cotton lawn and some lace, and for some reason on this doll they turned into a teddy.  Clearly I cannot show you a picture of the lady in her underwear, but I decided to make her a dressing gown to go over the top.  I had a very pretty pink Laura Ashley dressing gown when I was in my early twenties with a matching nightgown that didn’t really fit, so I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up making night attire at some point.  Anyway, I decided on a very simple kimono structure and was pretty pleased with the way it came out.  I used some scraps that my Grate Frend Becky gave me, including a log cabin block:



I made the fabric with the cotton lawn as a base then I used my new favourite temporary spray adhesive and put the fabric scraps over the top and stitched.  So it’s a form of crazy patchwork.  The belt was a strip of silvery jersey that I found in my trimmings drawer.  I was prepared to make a sash, but the colour and drape of this seemed just right.

I have got making them down to a fine art.  This one took more or less a long afternoon; I can certainly make one in a day now.  The problem is going to be when to stop.  Maybe when I have a women’s hockey team…


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