A bit of a travelogue


I have just come back from a weekend in Copenhagen for the christening of my gorgeous godson, Noel.  I had such a wonderful time that I did not really have time to make notes, or keep my diary, so I did what I sometimes do on my travels which is to keep a sort of picture diary in the shape of  a vase or glass which always seems right for capturing when life is brimming over a bit.  So this is my picture diary of going to the Christening.  Here are the details:



I like being able to add things later and the pages are easier to look at later than reading text.

I was very surprised at the low-key Christmas decorations.  There was a lot of greenery but not much shiny stuff.  The only place that did have a total explosion of pink baubles and candy canes and tinsel turned out to be a gay bar.

I bought some red Marimmeko fabric to make a Christmas tablecloth:


The woman in the shop of course spoke flawless English, and I was almost prepared to go on a starvation diet to fit into some of the exquisite diets.  And I do realise that Marimekko is Finnish not Danish.  But otherwise, shopping was limited to a few Christmas presents.  I love the aesthetic in Copenhagen.  I loved having breakfast in a cafe with hyacinths growing in teacups and tea lights.  I loved going skating with Noel and his brother Mathias at dusk.  I loved the use of wood and wool.  I am firmly convinced that I am basically Danish.  I come from the bit of England that was the Danelaw and I almost burst into tears in front of  a long boat in the stunning Roskilde Viking Museum.  That’s proof in my book.

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