Simon and his Laura Ashley shirt




I promise to stop posting these dolls as I can see that they are getting very similar and likely to get more so, but this is Simon, who has a Laura Ashley shirt on.  I drew in the collar and tie.  The tie was painted with Golden Fluid Acrylics, my favourites, but although they covered up the pattern with only one application, the paint is not as purple as I would have liked.  So, a learning point is that it is probably worth gesso-ing the fabric first.  I like his kipper tie,though:



I antiqued the photo to try and give it a bit more of a sixties look – and I’m not sure it really succeeded. I was pleased with his belt buckle, though:



He’s called Simon after Simon Dee and Simon Templar.  It was such a smart name for a while in the late sixties and early seventies.

I am aiming to make a consort for all the Laura Ashley dolls, probably with LA fabric shirts.  I couldn’t resist buying a remnant of fur fabric to make an Afghan for one of them.  I am rather hoping this frenzy passes quickly.  I was talking to Janet, a felt maker friend, today and she was saying that you might as well just give in and wait for the frenzy to pass.  The problem is that I can make one of these in an evening.  The hair dries overnight and then they are done.  So it is really quick to make a doll if I have an idea and this just seems to fuel the desire to make them rather than assuage it.

So, I will keep my obsession to myself concerning the Mr Laura dolls, and maybe have a grand unveiling at the end.














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