Frida Kahlo Doll for Beatriz





I know I said that I wouldn’t post any more dolls, but this is a strange kind of Frida Kahlo doll that I made from my Grate Frend, Beatriz.  Beatriz sketches or paints Frida Kahlo whenever she is at a loose end or can’t get inspiration as a kind of warm-up or go-to.  She has several pictures of Kahlo on her wall and on her website ( I made the doll from a pattern in the book I recently bought which also has the male doll pattern I have been using, We Make Dolls:





I quite liked the pattern but it was a nightmare turning the tiny arms through. I don’t really like this trend for very spindly arms and legs on dolls.  They are everywhere, and there are lots of OOAK or One of  a Kind dolls with them.  They are very arty.  But I prefer my dolls chunkier and more robust looking.

I did enjoy experimenting with rouging the cheeks.  It was the first time that I had done this.  I used a bit of wadding to rub in some Derwent art chalk blocks.  They are water soluble and I really like them, but I suspect I had better tell Beatriz not to get her fact wet.  I also liked the loops of thick wool for her hair.  So I learned a couple of things.




Were I to make another Kahlo doll  I would make much fuller skirt and have a go at getting the traditional dress that Kahlo wore:




You have to wonder, though, an artist as serious and dedicated as Kahlo becoming as commonplace and robbed of context as Marilyn and Elvis and Che Guavara.  There is even a Frida Barbie doll.

8 thoughts on “Frida Kahlo Doll for Beatriz

    1. It’s a great book – you can make really nice things that turn out right first time and the interviews with the doll artists are great too, Thanks for commenting.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I think you will like the book. Lots of things to try that work out really well – which is great.

      Hope you enjoy reading about Keith!

  1. Your dolls are adorable! I too have to wonder about how Frida would feel about becoming such a cultural icon. I like to think that she would notice that her love of colour and passion are what we are drawn to 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. It is lovely to have a response. I just looked up your blog – gorgeous. I liked it on Facebook because I couldn’t find a button to follow it. I wish you well with your endeavours. Ax

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