Frida Kahlo Doll for Beatriz





I know I said that I wouldn’t post any more dolls, but this is a strange kind of Frida Kahlo doll that I made from my Grate Frend, Beatriz.  Beatriz sketches or paints Frida Kahlo whenever she is at a loose end or can’t get inspiration as a kind of warm-up or go-to.  She has several pictures of Kahlo on her wall and on her website ( I made the doll from a pattern in the book I recently bought which also has the male doll pattern I have been using, We Make Dolls:





I quite liked the pattern but it was a nightmare turning the tiny arms through. I don’t really like this trend for very spindly arms and legs on dolls.  They are everywhere, and there are lots of OOAK or One of  a Kind dolls with them.  They are very arty.  But I prefer my dolls chunkier and more robust looking.

I did enjoy experimenting with rouging the cheeks.  It was the first time that I had done this.  I used a bit of wadding to rub in some Derwent art chalk blocks.  They are water soluble and I really like them, but I suspect I had better tell Beatriz not to get her fact wet.  I also liked the loops of thick wool for her hair.  So I learned a couple of things.




Were I to make another Kahlo doll  I would make much fuller skirt and have a go at getting the traditional dress that Kahlo wore:




You have to wonder, though, an artist as serious and dedicated as Kahlo becoming as commonplace and robbed of context as Marilyn and Elvis and Che Guavara.  There is even a Frida Barbie doll.


8 thoughts on “Frida Kahlo Doll for Beatriz

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I think you will like the book. Lots of things to try that work out really well – which is great.

      Hope you enjoy reading about Keith!

  1. Your dolls are adorable! I too have to wonder about how Frida would feel about becoming such a cultural icon. I like to think that she would notice that her love of colour and passion are what we are drawn to 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. It is lovely to have a response. I just looked up your blog – gorgeous. I liked it on Facebook because I couldn’t find a button to follow it. I wish you well with your endeavours. Ax

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