Dolls in waiting




I went to my sewing group, St Andrews Quilters, last night.  We are between projects and while we are deciding what we are doing next, because we work on group projects, we were doing our own thing.  The main point of going is for the company, really, so I took along some doll parts to stuff as that requires very little concentration.  I have made up a pile of components for when I next feel like making a girl doll, and I think that the photographs are quite striking.  So nothing much to report as yet, but I quite like the photos of work in progress.




The fabric, by the way, is some sort of figured calico which has a paisley pattern impressed into it.  This makes it slightly raised and renders the cotton burnished and slightly shiny.  I bought it in Doughty’s furnishing fabric shop in Hereford.  The only problem with it is that it is not permanent and if you wash it you are left with, well, calico.  So these dolls will not be washable.



















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