Another Inspirational Book



If you read this blog regularly (and thank you if you do) you will know that I often recommend a really inspirational book that I have come across.  Well, I have mixed feelings about this utterly gorgeous, sumptuous book by Mary Schoeser, published by Thames and Hudson.

The first of my reservations is that if you buy this book you will probably never need to buy another book for inspiration ever again, and I am addicted to buying books, so that’s no good.  Every single page is quite gorgeous and packed with photographs of every sort of textile and technique.  Here are two spreads taken entirely at random:







The second reason for avoiding this book like the plague is a bit odder.  Some of the pages showing particularly the really contemporary textile art are dispiriting because it seems like every idea has already been taken and done beautifully by someone much more talented than me.  This is a bit daunting.

That aside, I would, of course, recommend this to anyone interested in textiles.  It is the size of a coffee table itself, it weighs a ton, and is expensive, although with a bit of shopping around you can get it much more cheaply that the £60 cover price.  That’s still less than the price of a lot of workshops.

There is one page with some fantastic dolls which I must have a go at making, so you might see them feature in a future ‘What I did on Sunday’ post…










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