My quilting bona fides




Most of the time I make quite small pieces, or large pieces which are more about surface embellishment or ‘ideas’.  But just occasionally I do a bit of traditional non-nonsense, uncomplicated patchwork and quilting.  This is an example of the latter.  It was originally meant to be a cover to protect the sofa from the dogs, but as time (a lot of time) went by, it became increasingly apparent that dogs would not be invited to sit on it.  It was a holiday project that I took to Pembrokeshire a couple of times, and up to my mother’s.  I started it years and years ago when I went to a Kaffe Fassett exhibition at the American Museum at Claverton, just outside Bath.  I thought that the large pieces looked like it would be quite quick to make (wrong again):




It began with scrap fabric (because it was aimed at dogs rather than people) but I started to buy fabric when i was on holiday, mostly the batiks.  It has a virtually antique piece of red Jinny Beyer fabric for the binding.  I had it long-arm quilted at Midsomer Quilting:




The pattern is called ‘Tempest’ which I thought rather suited the slightly nautical feel of the quilt.  Midsomer Quilting did a fantastic job with it.  It lies perfectly flat against the wall, the corners are totally square, the binding is dead straight and unpuckered, which says a lot about silk purses and sows’ ears.  I am really happy with it.  I think it took roughly ten years, but was worth the wait.  And it makes me feel like a proper quilter, able to hold my head up with the quilting sorority when I do talks on the whacky stuff!


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