Goth ladybirds






I am sorry for the gap in my postings.  This is because I have been marking exam scripts against the clock.  At the weekend I did get time to do a few things, which I will write about separately, but most of my spare time was spent on making these giant ladybirds to give as prizes next Monday.

The event is the celebration party at the end of a project that I have been working on with my GRATE FREND Beatriz on education for sustainablity with her undergraduate business studies students at Anglia Ruskin.  They have done fantastic jobs and we wanted to give them something to take away.  So, I have made these giant ladybirds which are very much in the spirit of sustainability.  The mascot of the project is a ladybird who appears in all our presentations and reports.  So it seemed like a good idea to make them as momentos.  The skull and crossbones fabric was bought from a market stall and so is almost reclaimed, and the heads and some of the backs are made with black curtain lining which was going to be thrown away.  To give them some body they are stuffed with rags rather than polyester stuffing and the rags are horrible polycotton which would have gone to landfill.  Some of them have buttons saved from a skip for eyes;  these have plastic jewels from Paperchase.  

I have some more to make which are not so gothy and this is just the first batch.  They are quite quick to make but making lots of the same thing is pretty tedious.  But as I love Beatriz and her fantastic students it is good to give them something handmade.

After this, back to the Benjamin project, which will please the Medieval Historian as he finds the outsize flock of ladybirds staring at him a bit unnerving:





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