Craftivism Ingredient #2: Activism for Introverts (and a little NYC story)

A quick reblog, for extroverted introverts, like me, everywhere.

Craftivist Collective

We believe that there are lots of ingredients needed to create effective craftivism activities that benefit the maker as well as reciever/viewer of the final piece. Craftivism is a word being used more and more across the world. For us activism is the priority and craft is the tool to do this deeply engaging and transformative approach to campaigning to challenge unjust structures that harm people as well as challenge us as individuals to help and not harm others or the planet. We hope our approach to craftivism makes sense to you & we would love your comments on whether you agree or not :)

2. Activism for Introverts

I was recently in NYC for a month as a mix of a holiday but also meetings with people, organisations such as the awesome Etsy & media peeps like legendary Bust Magazine staff about our Little Book of Craftivism out mid Sept 2013…

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