So they do have wifi in Copenhagen



I am in Copenhagen to do some external examining at the university, but I have tagged on a couple of days to see some of my best friend in the whole world.  I said I would blog if I could get wifi.  As it turnes out the wifi in my hotel room is very good, quick and reliable, so I can blog a bit from here.

This is my dala horse which I painted with my lovely God-family last time I was here.  It isn’t exactly in the tradition, but it is nice, the glaze is really deep and rich, and it came out much better than I thought.  Here he is with a thimble to give an idea of the scale:





And here is my portable sewing stash:




And, finally, here is a page from the start of my travel journal









4 thoughts on “So they do have wifi in Copenhagen

  1. Hi Ann, I managed to find your blog! It’s amazing and so unexpected after seeing you in action as the professor censor at LAICS. I love it! And have sent the URL to a very dear friend of mine, whom I think will be delighted with your work. Am also looking into the SCOS, which is new to me. SCOS for Serious Fun! I also want to thank you for your sharp and thoughtful questions to the students. I must say, I learn as much from your questions as the students do. Thanks again and will continue to browse around on your blog – Kamille

    1. Thanks for this – it was a delight to work with you as ever, and I’m glad you like the blog. I really look forward to seeing you again on my next trip. Best love, Ann

    1. Thanks for this. I do go back over them and use them for ideas as well as working on specific projects. I am sure you must have wonderful books of photographs of your gorgeous flowers. Thanks for commenting.

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