First of my touch pieces




I am currently working on a series of touch pieces for my talk at SCOS at the weekend.  I can’t cart the book itself all the way to Poland so I am making the equivalent of a touch table.  This one is playing with Benjamin’s interest in scavenging.  Everything in it, apart from the thread, would be in landfill if not recycled into this little panel.  The pink panels are an experiment stamping fluid acrylic onto shocking pink tissue paper.  I put some acrylic wax over the top to make it stronger and them machined it down in a spiky pattern to match the bare trees.  The ‘sky’ is two pieces of acrylic voile hand stitched onto some cotton wadding and the bottom part is some newsprint which accidentally got an animal stripe pattern transferred when I was making some plastic (bag) paper with a hot iron.  Then embroidered with black perle cotton to echo the branches.


I might do a bit more to this when I get home and have access to more stuff – so for instance I would like to add a pale winter sun.  I like it more than I thought I would given that it was made as a throwaway piece.  I think it’s worth finishing properly.

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